Our History
SE MN CAP MN047 - Dragons Composite Squadron

About Our Logo

Cadet Andrew Browning designed the Rochester Squadron patch in 1992 with the help of high school friend Jerusha Dose. The colors used in the design mirror those of the Minnesota Wing shoulder patch. The shield shape is the same as the Minnesota Wing Cadet Encampment pocket patch being used during the same time frame and a common shape of many United States Air Force emblems.

  • The White Dragon represents what the unit is to the community - a wise and strong friend that in fantasy tales comes down from the skies to aid mankind.
  • The dragon stands protectively upon a map outline of Minnesota, with wings spread, ready and willing to fly when needed.
  • The tail of the dragon curls protectively around a red star marking the city of Rochester.
  • The five points of the star extend towards the surrounding communities from which the unit's members hail.
  • The star is reflected in the Dragon's eye because he is "always watching" - or "Semper Vigilans" in Latin, which is Civil Air Patrol's motto.

The original design was modified and a new variation of this patch began being used when the Rochester Composite Squadron was renamed the Southeast Minnesota Composite Squadron.


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